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Welcome to Whole Person Whole Planet, exploring the link between personal transformation and planetary transformation. You came to the planet with a unique contribution to make to the great awakening of our time, also called the Shift of the Ages. Because personal transformation creates planetary transformation, your healing and transformation are interwoven with the evolution of humanity and of the Earth herself. You have a unique piece to contribute to the puzzle of the evolving wholeness of Life, as humanity remembers how to become divinely conscious co-creators, honoring our interconnection with all of Life. Do you know what your puzzle piece is?

I invite you to join the growing global Community of Unity as we create momentum for our planetary Rite of Passage from the destructive love of power to the creative power of Love. Together we welcome one another into a consciously evolving New Earth of greater harmony, beauty, peace, sharing and love.

A New Earth of oneness.

In La’Kesh (I am another Yourself),
           Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin

Tracking the Process of our conscious evolution




The Seer and The Sayer

How Vikki discovered her piece of the puzzle in this Shift of the Ages, and how YOU can Too!.



Restore the Balance

of the Feminine

on the Planet:

There is a global need for women to lead.  



 Text version of "I AM the grace beyond striving

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Vikki Hanchin






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What does the

Shift of the Ages

have to do with me?:

Finding my piece of the puzzle to contribute to the Shift.




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